Beautiful June! Beautiful life?

What would you say, or think if you knew that all the things that occur to you are caused by you? Literally everything, consciously and in unconscious way.  It is both liberating and frightening, and above all difficult to comprehend at the same time, anyway, let's consider that it is so. Now we instantly run … Czytaj dalej Beautiful June! Beautiful life?


Just another summer/spring day

I reached this kind of moment in my life when I can let myself to sit on the grass, in the hot Morning and do nothing. Just tried to capture this moment. Always in my everyday uniform which is usually skirt and blouse or t-shirt. Do you also have your safe items that you blindly … Czytaj dalej Just another summer/spring day

Mieć czas, żeby nic nie robić..?

Kiedyś uczucie nudy kojarzyło mi się z czymś najgorszym. Brak pomysłu na siebie, brak zainteresowań, oddanie odpowiedzialności za swój czas komuś innemu. Wydaje się, że nuda pociąga za sobą same najgorsze rzeczy, ale czy na pewno? Z drugiej strony mamy postawę człowieka, który "nigdy" się nie nudzi, zawsze ma coś do zrobienia, jego głowa jest … Czytaj dalej Mieć czas, żeby nic nie robić..?

Why not to wear black even if it is summer time?

Why can't we or maybe it is better when I talk about myself, why can't I forget about the fashion, trends and etiquette when it comes to clothes that I want to wear no matter if it is summer, or spring, or job appointment, date, theater or birthday party? I remember once when I wanted to … Czytaj dalej Why not to wear black even if it is summer time?